Friday Update: Week 32/2014, German Units

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Friday Update: Week 32/2014, German Units Empty Friday Update: Week 32/2014, German Units

Post by Pepp on Wed 13 Aug 2014 - 18:35

Friday Update: Week 32/2014, German Units Header-6

Greeting Ladybugs and Twinkle Toes, Shakuni Mama is here again. To be honest, I start to feel like being the herald of this mod. And, to be honest, my modding spirit peak was ended some days ago (it is something like menstrual cycle), causing me to be too lazy to texture anything, and if forced, causing a bad tartar sauce to appear. That is why I show you a 2 weeks old texture, German's units. grinning

Friday Update: Week 32/2014, German Units Gefolgsmann-Zweihander_zps54df0870
Gefolgmann and Zweihander with their respective upgrades

It only needs 4 months for me to realize that there should be 4 zweihander variations, instead of just 3. And, because I already make their great and legend variation close enough, I have to torn down improved texture instead. Gefolgmann, however, is another thing. I have chosen to use Sioux bow rider (Yes, only the first model uses rifle rider. Robert was wrong here.) and voila, with the help of a cervelliere, it turns out to be great. Gefolgmann replaces light cavalry, causing them to lack mounted swordsman. This, however, is based on the German's lance tradition. Gefolgmann themselves serve as a heavier light cavalry (or lighter knight?). German can still fill their lack of mounted swordsman by training Templar Knight.

Friday Update: Week 32/2014, German Units SubheaderQuote

Roberto de la Carbonara wrote:Well, at least you thought to use one of the new weapon attachments this time.

So I was texturing 4 order units, 2 of which are remake. While the 2 new units are pretty fine, I find more problem with the remake ones. In the end, the infantry unit looks more like a mafia than a priest warrior...

Friday Update: Week 32/2014, German Units SubheaderSalute-Refute

K&B salutes... Robert. He has made for us a beautiful Venice. It is so sad we can't make gondolas.  Rolling Eyes
K&B refutes... ISIS. They forced Yezidi to flee. More than that, they tried to infiltrate Indonesia. Netherlands needed.

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