Friday Update: Week 30/2014, Redone Native Units

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Friday Update: Week 30/2014, Redone Native Units

Post by Pepp on Wed 13 Aug 2014 - 18:34

I actually has no point of what I should serve to you as a late night Friday update, but as we have something to show (at least!!!), we should show it. I fucking know it fucking has been so fucking long time since the fucking last Friday update was fucking updated. So, eh, pardon my fuckings in the sentence before, here we go with Pepp's textures again.

This day, I'll focus on native units, some of which you've met in the facebook page (so I won't post them again). I'll start with my newest texture.

Jews Slinger

Jews in K&B resemble both Ashkenazim and Sephardi Jews. Actually, we have two Jewish natives, the one which is called as Jews, and Khazars (whose religion was Jews). K&B doesn't support Zionism (some members do, actually...), but it is so important to portray this historically important people. Talking about the unit, it actually has Benjamin Netanyahu's face Razz . But low poly units are suck in face texture, it would be great if all units are high poly  Severe Laughter . And, have I told you it is the only slinger we have till the moment?


Actually we planned to have Celts as a native, but our historian - Synecdoche - told us that it wasn't correct to call them Celts. Thus, we decided to call them Gaels. Don't think that our Gaels going to have Woadraider (that UU of Celts in AoK). Woad was used by Barbara, yes, but Picts Barbara, not Celts. That is why our Fennid has no tattoos in his body. It is not just a swordsman actually, but also a skirmisher... or just a swordsman?


Khwarazmian heavy cavalry wasn't called Khwarezmiyya till the fall of the Shah. Only after Samarkand sacked by the Mongols, these heavy cavalries sold themselves as mercenaries, later called by Arabs and Saracens as Khwarezmiyya. If you notice, many of our Muslim or Middle East-related units ended with -iyya. Yes, they are Haruriyya (Quraysh), Arsiyya (Khazars), Tabardariyya (Saracens), and Khwarezmiyya (Khwarazm). Khwarezmiyya acts similar to knights and yeah, is probably my favorite native unit.

This is a quotation story, follow it to get the joke.
Robin van Persie wrote:Both look very lovely indeed... Which bone did you attach the shield to on the Kwarezmiyya?
Dilma Rouseff wrote:No bone.  Very Happy
Polar Bear wrote:Loving that small shield on Khwarezmiyya. And the new helmet has definitely improved the Fennid.  thumbs up
Dilma Rouseff wrote:No helmet.  Very Happy
Robin van Persie wrote:This could turn into a deadly spiral of double entendres...  grinning

K&B salutes... Jokowi, for being the next Indonesian president. Good God always gives us good leader.
K&B refutes... Middle East secret bunker. Not the one used by ISIS or HAMAS, but the one used to kidnap Robert...


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