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  • Knights and Barbarians is a total conversion mod for Age of Empires III and both its expansions. The mod takes Age of Empires III back to the medieval ages, recounting Charles the Great, who made a German nation the biggest empire in Europe, with violent but discovering Vikings, to battling kingdoms in the Holy Land.
    K&B was founded in 2007 by peugeot407 and has been produced since by various different modders and teams. The current website for K&B was established in 2010 and places such as ModDB are used as well. K&B's first playable version, Prologue, was released 31st of March, 2013.

    Prologue adds a lot of new content to the game, such as new civilizations, random maps, units, buildings, natives, cultures, music and artificial intelligence:


    Prologue version adds 5 new civilizations with each their unique bonuses, units, strategies and features:

    Quintessence version includes all the features from Prologue but it adds 9 more civilizations for a total of 14:

  • Moors (Caliphate of Cordoba)
  • Mongols (Golden Horde)
  • Slavs (Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania)
  • Flemish (Duchy of Flanders)
  • Germans (Holy Roman Empire)
  • English (Kingdoms of England and Wales)
  • French (House of Valois)
  • Vikings (Kingdom of Denmark)
  • Spanish (United Kingdom of Leon and Castille)

  • Reprise version is the complete release of K&B, including all 14 previous civilizations, as well as any civilisations we still feel have been left out.