Friday Update: Week 42/2015, German Knightly Orders

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Friday Update: Week 42/2015, German Knightly Orders

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 17 Oct 2015 - 0:03

Continuing on with our series of Friday Updates about the Germans, this week we'll go into a bit of detail about the aspects of German gameplay that are informed by it belonging to the Crusading civset. As you'll know if you spent a lot of time playing the Crusaders in the Prologue, there are three things that define the Crusading civset; their ageup system with Officers and Flags, their Headquarters building and most importantly their Chapter House and access to Knightly Orders that comes with it.

As the first of those three is not really something we can talk about in a Friday Update, and the way the Headquarters works is quite self-explanatory for the Germans (as it is for other Crusading civs), this particular Friday Update will talk mostly about the Knightly Orders available to the Germans. The only thing that needs to be mentioned that isn't related to Knightly Orders is that the Headquarters for the Germans will autotrain the following units: Zweihander, Burgher and Gefolgsmann. As it happens these are also the only unique units that the Germans have, so the news that these three will autotrain from the Headquarters probably won't be a huge surprise to those of you who are well-acquainted with how the Headquarters works.

Coming now to the bulk of the matter, the Germans have access to four Knightly Orders just like all other Crusading civs, with two of these being unique to the Germans. The Orders in question are the Templar Order, Teutonic Order, Livonian Order and Order of the Red Cross and Star. The former two are of course also used by the Crusaders, and we haven't changed them since the release of the Prologue, so they're still the same good old orders that form a large part of the Crusader military. The Livonian Order and the Order of the Red Cross and Star are, as mentioned before, unique to the Germans.

Left-to-right: Templar Order, Teutonic Order, Livonian Order, Order of the Red Cross and Star

The Teutonic Order is the chivalric order that most people associate with the Baltic Crusades, but actually it only got involved in said crusades at a later stage, and the groundwork was laid by the Livonian Order (alternatively known as the Livonian Brothers of the Sword), which would eventually be incorporated into the Teutonic Order but did most of its important work before then. The Livonian Order was not as German as the Teutonic Order was, with plenty of Dutchmen, Danes and other non-German Europeans also filling their ranks. As suggested by the name, the Livonian Order focused its efforts primarily on Livonia (modern-day Latvia) and the surrounding regions, unlike the Teutonic Order, which conquered the more southernly located Old Prussians instead. In K&B, the Livonian Order is focused on ranged combat. Choosing the Livonian Order will give the Chapter House a strong ranged attack, and both Livonian units, the Sword Brother and Livonian Cavalry, use a crossbow in battle. The Livonian Cavalry is simply a powerful ranged cavalry unit, whereas the Sword Brother, as its name suggests, is also rather handy in melee, making it a powerful general-purpose infantry unit.

Further south than the Baltic region one might find the Order of the Red Cross and Star, a chivalric order established in Bohemia that, unusually for medieval chivalric orders, was more of a charitable organisation than a thinly veiled army. As such, it did not participate in any major military operations, though it did see its fair share of action during the Hussite Wars, where it staunchly defended Catholicism in Bohemia against the Hussites. In K&B, the Order of the Red Cross and Sword is an order focused more on defence and economic prosperity than combat. The Order gives access to two military units, the Kreuzherr as a combat-able healer and the Knight of the Cross as a good all-around melee infantry unit, but units are hardly the most important aspect of the Order. Choosing this Order in the Chapter House makes all buildings near the Chapter House gain a large bonus in hitpoints, and the technologies that the Order of the Red Cross and Star enables are focused entirely on religious units, tech research and economic progress.

Next week we'll be looking at the military bonuses that the Germans have beyond their Knightly Orders...

I believe we already once showed the redone Ritterbruder, but I don't think we ever showed it with the cape that it now uses.

This week we'll name 陈楚风, for lack of a proper Romanised version of this person's name, in our fan shoutout, as he's been following our Friday Updates with truly great (sometimes even a bit too great) interest lately.

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