Friday Update: Week 41/2015, German population bonuses

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Friday Update: Week 41/2015, German population bonuses

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 10 Oct 2015 - 8:47

Population! Back in the Middle Ages, the Germanies were some of the most densely populated areas in Europe, and indeed the world. The majority of this population was centred in Saxony, Franconia, Swabia and Bavaria in the western reaches of the Holy Roman Empire, towards the border with France and the many independent fiefdoms of the Low Countries. As the empire consolidated its hold on more eastern lands, however, something of a demographic equivalent to osmosis started to occur, with many Germans moving east towards these much more sparsely populated areas. Significant chunks of Bavarians went east of the Alps to found the Eastern March, which would later become known as Austria. Their Saxon counterparts meanwhile settled the Billung March on the Baltic coast, skirting up into the traditional homelands of the Polabian people. Go further into the Middle Ages and the Germans settle even further east, and outside of the Holy Roman Empire altogether; in the aftermath of the Crusades in the Holy Land a number of Germans decided to do it all over again up north, and conquer the still pagan people of Old Prussia, Lithuania and Livonia. Many a Franconian meanwhile went southeast to claim the large swathes of land that the king of Hungary was offering to any Germans who would settle Transylvania to help protect it against Cuman invaders. This migration of German peoples outside of the borders of the Holy Roman Empire, and the spreading of German culture to the eastern reaches of Europe, would have massive effects in later centuries, and are largely responsible for a great deal of Eastern European history in the Early Modern Era.

The sheer population of the Germanies, and their often indirect relationship with the official government of the Holy Roman Empire, are reflected by various bonuses of the Germans in K&B. Taken together, they make the Germans a resilient civ that isn't very easily beaten, but will also require a degree of patience when being played. The first and most immediately obvious bonus that the Germans have is that their Peasants aren't quite regular fair. They don't gather resources as fast as those of other civs, but they are a lot cheaper, and to top things off they also have a higher train limit. Having large numbers of villager units makes the Germans more capable of withstanding raids, as each lost Peasant represents less of an economic loss to the Germans than it does to other civs, and taking down a German Peasant still takes just as much doing as taking down any other Peasant.

The second major bonus that the Germans have, and one that actually impacts their economy and military alike, is the fact that for the Germans, home city shipments take considerably longer to arrive, but are also invariably better than those of other civs when they do. Resource crate shipments come with more resources in them, unit shipments consist of more units, upgrade shipments have more profound effects, etc. Like most things, this is obviously something of a double-edged sword to the Germans: On the one hand it is obviously always preferable to have more powerful shipments, but on the other hand it also means that the Germans can't send a quick unit shipment in case of emergency like other civs can do, as the units in question will arrive much too late to be of any help.

More on the Germans next week; stay tuned!

Not the newest of our creations, the Likedeeler, but I don't think we ever showed it off yet. This is the new name (and texture) for the Pirate Ship, K&B's sole naval mercenary unit.

Our shoutout this week goes to Adam Seitz, aka musketeer925, who actually celebrated his birthday last week. Despite being a long-time member of the WotTA team, Adam plies his deep knowledge of coding, scripting and programming all over the AoE3 modding community by helping other modders, and he's an all-round great guy as well...

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