Friday Update: Week 29/2015, What we did while we were away

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Friday Update: Week 29/2015, What we did while we were away

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 18 Jul 2015 - 2:26

Okay, this week is going to be a rather brief Friday Update. Of course we could spend a lot of time talking about the French in further detail, and have no doubt we will, but it struck me just today that between the last Friday Update of last year and the time the mod went dormant, we actually made quite a lot of textures, some of which are definitely worth showing. So, rather than having to plough your way through walls of text, you can just sit back and enjoy the pictures:

The Sword Brother, a melee unit with a secondary ranged attack coming from the Livonian Order

Tomb Raider Tumen Raider, a unique unit of the Mongols

The Town Center of the Far Eastern buildingset (please don't mind the Italian flag)

A redo of the Swiss Pikeman mercenary

Portraits of the Kharijite Archer and Hashashin, both Barbarian units

This week's quote comes from your's truly, and is the newest in a long line of mysterious and ultimately unrevealing Quotes of the Week:

peugeot407 wrote:That is actually a very interesting one. Maybe we could turn that glitch into a feature!

K&B salutes... president of the US Barack Obama, for his excellent displays of humour lately.
K&B refutes... president of Russia Vladimir Putin, because, er, well, uhm, because it's been a while since we last refuted him, and he doesn't deserve it any less these days...

Synecdoche wrote: Do you only use your wisdom teeth to grind down bone from your kills?

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