Friday Update Monthly Report: Week 44/2015, Final News on the Germans

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Friday Update Monthly Report: Week 44/2015, Final News on the Germans

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 31 Oct 2015 - 6:46

This week concludes our series of Friday Updates about the Germans. We've talked about their economic peculiarities and about how they use the features that come with being a Crusading civ. With that, admittedly, we have talked about the most interesting aspects of the Germans. However, not all significant bonuses are equally interesting, and not all interesting bonuses are necessarily significant, a point evidenced by what are arguably the two most important bonuses of the Germans...

Firstly, the Germans have earlier access to mercenary units than any other civilisation. Where a mercenary unit might normally become available in, say, Age IV, the Germans will already be able to recruit said unit in Age III. The advantages of this bonus are obvious; provided the Germans can manage to attain the kind of economic basis that enables them to afford mercenaries in large numbers, they can overwhelm their enemy with units that are normally deemed too powerful to yet be enabled. Of course, this does nothing to offset the significant cost of mercenaries, and that is something that the Germans definitely need to bear in mind...

One might at this point ask what could be better than early mercenaries. Well, the Germans have that covered as well, with free mercenaries! Specifically, the Germans get a Landsknecht mercenary unit for free everytime they build a Barracks, Stables or other military building. To make sure this doesn't become overpowered, military buildings do have a buildlimit for the Germans, but even so, it's a very powerful bonus indeed. For the Germans to already have two very decently powerful units ready and waiting the moment they've got their military act sorted by building a Barracks and a Stables gives them a distinct advantage over other civs, and clever planning of how, when and where to build military buildings could see the Germans exploit this bonus to even greater effect.

As you'll have seen over the past weeks, the Germans are a civ that offers an unsophisticatedly strong military and combines it with an economy that requires patience and management, but isn't as fragile as that of other civs. With all this patience-requiring high-quality gründlichkeit, you'd almost start to think we modeled the Germans on the famed modern German work ethic.  Razz

Hang on tight, for next time it'll be the turn of the English to stand in the limelight*!

This month's (multi-part) quote, coming from both Pepp and yours truly, peugeot407, just goes to show that for all our seriousness, we do occassionally like to have fun on the K&B team forums:

Robert Tower, PeppAir 531 requesting clearance to work.
PeppAir 531, you are cleared to work, buildingset EE.
Roger that, cleared to work buildingset EE, PeppAir 531.

K&B salutes... past efforts. Going through all these civ outlines once again to make Friday Updates out of them only serves to make one realise how long it took to compile them all.
K&B refutes... gaps. Don't ask...

* = the limey-light, if you will.

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