Friday Update: Week 20/2014, More Mongol units

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Friday Update: Week 20/2014, More Mongol units Empty Friday Update: Week 20/2014, More Mongol units

Post by AOE_Fan on Sat 17 May 2014 - 1:39

Friday Update: Week 20/2014, More Mongol units Header-6

Your hope to see a poetic and beautiful written Friday Update made by Robert has been stranded forever. Hahaha.  Severe Laughter Yes, you will see a Friday Update full with grammatical errors, pun-fails, and severe laughters. Well, let us go to the point, ehm, ehm. This week, I will show to you some artworks, just a very few artworks, as I myself is too lazy to texture. To be known by folks, they are Mongolian units.

Friday Update: Week 20/2014, More Mongol units 10277224_10201066704469805_1319020661905218190_n
Daylami Javelineer Swordsman

Thanks to a half diligently made civilization outline, with explaining scattered everywhere, I got a wrong message about what is Daylami Swordsman. It was put right next to Skirmisher, so I thought it was a peltast unit, despite its name. That did, too, make me confused, as the name and how it looks are contradicting. But thanks to Matti (well, he helped me many times), now I know that it is really a swordsman. Yeah, a swordsman which acts as a skirmisher. It is unique, eh? Severe Laughter

They who have followed K&B since 2013 or earlier must have known that this one unit has been done before. Yes, it has. Buuuut, it looks like a strawberry porridge with cassava and basil toppings and tamerlane sauce. In short, very bad. I have to say that making this new texture makes my heart feels in peace.

Friday Update: Week 20/2014, More Mongol units 10346511_10201075622652754_2317940880599100112_n
Savaran Lancer

Still a Mongolian unit. This one replaces knight for Mongolian, well, not always. This one is new and I do the texture myself (of course...). Besides, this is my first texture to which Robert and Matti didn't yawn about! Hurrah! Eh, ehm...  Rolling Eyes Its texture is based on a Parthian era cavalry, especially its horse. Well, it was a really hard work, working with multiple layers which are sized smalls and some unprecedented thingies.

Those two units above are the ones you'll get when you choose Ilkhanids as your age up politician, respectively in age II and III. Every politician will offer a unit in age II with something else, and in age III, two units and something else. For Ilkhanids, their age III units are Savaran and Kara Koyunlu. The problem is, I don't know what is Kara Koyunlu (its appearance), as our researcher for Mongols, Thom, is away. But if you have good concept art, let me know it!

Friday Update: Week 20/2014, More Mongol units SubheaderQuote

I get the annual menstruation cycle of yawn, where I yawned about three things at the same time, making my two supervisors angry.

In the civ outlines, Robert wrote:May I have permission to yawn back?
In the tea lounge, Robert again wrote:ergo, calling him a hypocrite is a bit unfounded...
In the Harmonica Discussion, Matti wrote:...I've been working (forced to work?)...

Friday Update: Week 20/2014, More Mongol units SubheaderSalute-Refute

K&B salutes... Matti. He has helped our mod very much. Don't know why I have to put him here.
K&B refutes... Mrs. Nun. She yawns too much, lazy whore.

- Quoted from Pepp
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