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Warning General Suggestions Thread

Post by Pepp on Wed 30 Apr 2014 - 9:15

Put Down Any of Your Suggestions There
In case they are pretty small...

The thing is I don't like seeing new topics popped up with just a line of question, sometimes even sillier. Beside that, many of them are posted in the inappropriate forum. Yes, to keep things in order and make the Knights and Nuns Barbarians forum cleaner, I have decided to make this thread.

You can actually suggest anything, as our mod member himself already suggested five, FIVE civs and they are all accepted. However, in case you're suggesting a civ, you should follow this guideline:

Base Outline
The Undefined Civ

Civset: Unknown
Home City: Nowhere
Faction Leader: Nobody
Town Starting Units: None
Replaces: Nothing
Religions: -
Knightly Orders: -
Feudalism Choices: -
Factions: -
Revolution: -

- None


   Man-at-Arms (Barracks, II)
   Spearman (Barracks, II)
   Halberdier (Barracks, III)
   Archer (Archery Range, II)
   Crossbowman (Archery Range, III)
   Skirmisher (Archery Range, II)
   Hand Gunner (Barracks, V, Black Powder)

   Light Cavalry (Stables, II)
   Knight (Stables, III)
   Cavalry Archer (Stables, III)

   Sapper (Siege Workshop, II)
   Ballista (Siege Workshop, III)
   Catapult (Siege Workshop, III)
   Ram (Siege Camp, II)
   Mantlet (Siege Camp, II)
   Siege Tower (Siege Camp, III)
   Bombard (Siege Workshop, V, Black Powder)

   Economic and Other:
   Militia (Town Center, I)
   Lord (I)
   Peasant (Town Center, I)
   Farmer (Manor, I)
   Priest (Church, II)
   Bishop (Church, III)
   Dog (Manor, I)

   Fishing Boat (Docks, I)
   Cog (Docks, II)
   Galley (Docks, III)
   Carrack (Docks, IV)

Suggesting Civ: This one is pretty hard, as we hardly accept any new civ. But if it is unique and amusing enough, let us see. The rule on this one is DO NOT POST BEFORE YOU MAKE A FULLY FLEDGED CIV! The other rule is it hasn't been portrayed. Maximum number of UU is 3 and if you really need a UB, only 1. No new civset, religion, knightly order, nor revolution. You should decide in what civset it belongs to (Europeans, Middle Eastern, Crusading, Steppe). Makes sure it has a point (for example, Byzantine is a Turtling Civ, Viking is a Raiding Civ), so further bonuses are linked to it.

Suggesting New Units: Mercenaries maybe? Or barbarian unit? Well, most of these things are already filled to the end. Don't even think about regular unit. But, as I say, you may put it here. HERE. I'll lock your suggestion outside this safe house.

Suggesting New Building: You may not do this.

Things You May Suggest

  • Civilization bonus
  • Tech
  • New Civilization*
  • New Units*
  • New Weapon, Helmet, Shield**
  • Anything else I didn't say about

Foot note: From now, if you have any suggestion, put them here.

*See rules above.
**We have only one active modeller, so don't suggest too much. Be creative.

Philosophy of gaming: A player is a noobish modder; a modder is a noobish player.


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Warning Re: General Suggestions Thread

Post by Gohar on Mon 8 Sep 2014 - 6:14

I would really like there to be an option to adjust max pop.
I also really enjoyed the resource drop points system in AoE 2.


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Warning Re: General Suggestions Thread

Post by peugeot407 on Mon 8 Sep 2014 - 6:41

Well, the latter certainly isn't coming back. I know opinions differ about that, but I personally think the decision to get rid of dropoff points in AoM was one of the best things ever to happen to the AoE series.


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Warning Re: General Suggestions Thread

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