Friday Update: Week 51/2013, European politicians

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Friday Update: Week 51/2013, European politicians

Post by AOE_Fan on Sat 21 Dec 2013 - 22:36

It's been quite a while since the previous Friday Update but we finally decided to make another one, to celebrate Christmas. Most of the work done recently has just been improving and increasing the quality of Prologue content, all the way from artwork changes and additions to better balancing and improved AI. Although this update focuses only on one perspective, adding new politicians for European civs, we hope you enjoy.

We planned to have more variety for age-up politicians already for the Prologue but we never got to the point of fully implementing it. However, it's now done and to cut to the chase, here's a full list of European politicians:

Age II Politicians:
The Fisherman: Sends a Dock Wagon; Fishing from Fish and Whales gather rate increased by 10%
The Sheriff: Allows you to call Militia twice instead of once
The Farmer: Farm, Manor, Orchard and Tree Patch cost decreased by 20%
The Butcher: Sends 4 Unique Livestock
The Woodsman: Sends 400 wood

Age III Politicians:
The Blacksmith: Infantry coin costs decreased by 20%
The Nun: Sends 2 Priests, Priest hitpoints increased by 75%
The Fletcher: Bow-wielding units range and LOS increased by 15%
The Weathered Soldier: Sends 4 Archers and 5 Spearmen.
The Noble Emissary: Ages up more quickly
The Knights-Errant: Sends 2 Knights and 2 Peasants
The Honor Guard: Sends 3 Halberdiers and 300 coin
The Town Charter: Sends a Town Square Wagon and 2 Peasants

Age IV Politicians:
The Architect: Castle hitpoints increased by 100%
The Bishop: Techs are researched 20% faster
The Foreign Merchant: Enables a tech at your Market to trade all your food for 50% more coin
The War Hero: Royal Guard upgrades cost 70% less
The Guild Chairman: Sends 4 Peasants, 600 coin
The Captain of the Guard: Sends 9 Halberdiers
The Harbourmaster: Sends 1000 wood and two Cogs.

Age V Politicians:
The Mayor: Building wood costs decreased by 45%
The Alchemist: Hand Gunner and Bombard damage increased by 35%
The Jousting Champion: Cavalry speed increased by 15% and damage increased by 35%

From left to right: The Butcher, The Harbourmaster, The Town Charter

To wrap things up, here's a list of the politician choices the European civs in Prologue, Italians and Byzantines, will get in the next patch. Obviously, the politicians are chosen depending on the focuses and strategies of the civ.

Age II Politicians: The Fisherman, The Farmer, The Butcher
Age III Politicians: The Town Charter, The Honor Guard, The Nun
Age IV Politicians: The Bishop, The Harbourmaster, The War Hero
Age V Politicians: The Mayor, The Alchemist, The Jousting Champion

Age II Politicians: The Fisherman, The Farmer, The Sheriff
Age III Politicians: The Knights-Errant, The Noble Emissary, The Blacksmith
Age IV Politicians: The Foreign Merchant, The Architect, The Captain of the Guard
Age V Politicians: The Mayor, The Alchemist, The Jousting Champion

This week, the quote comes from Pepp, who has done some work with HCs recently.

Pepp wrote:I have tried to put HC galleons, sadly none of them work well in the dock bone, because their (galleons) attachpoint located far away...

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