Friday Update: Week 22/2013, Moors

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Friday Update: Week 22/2013, Moors Empty Friday Update: Week 22/2013, Moors

Post by AOE_Fan on Sat 8 Jun 2013 - 0:28

Friday Update: Week 22/2013, Moors Header-6

As I promised long time ago, there would be a Moorish FU about its uniqueness. And, so it shall be!*

Friday Update: Week 22/2013, Moors Moors-1

Coming from the same ancestry as Saracen, it is actually quite hard to think about what will make Moors unique. Even, sometimes one would think that it is just a waste of time and civ. If one can't make it really unique compared to Saracens, then why on earth it is added?

Nah, Moors will be quite really different in gameplay compared to Saracens. Beside that it has some touch of Africans, it also does not share, even a li'l bit, any Saracen's uniqueness.

The first thing you might easily find, all Moorish cavalry rides camel. Except from native riders and mercenaries, all Moorish basic cavalry will ride camel. And if you watch the first Moorish Update, you'll find that their Lord mounted on camel too.

Being on camel, they are also faster and have more LOS. The later is quite logic, camel are higher.

Second thing, Moorish building are stronger and are built faster. The reason? This is actually related to another logic...

Moorish doesn't build house. Then player will start a game and think it would have 200 pop from start. But eh?! Why is it just 50? Oh, it increases through age up. This also somewhat forces player to age up with Moors, as they will be sucked if they don't advance.

The last but actually quite strong in maps with trade routes, thanks to the historical reality that they had many caravans and trade routes, Moors get better trade route resource rates. So if another civ get 100 Exp in one trade route, Moors get higher number, lets say 120.

So, when one plays as Moors, he won't just keep some bunch of wood (thanks to no house) and thus can spend it on another building, which are not just built faster, but stronger! And with their age II Sanhaja Rider, they can easily rush toward their enemies. Yes, they are fast and also good for exploration.

And they will be a quite dangerous enemy in the maps with trading route, watch out!

Friday Update: Week 22/2013, Moors SubheaderQuote

Robert and his answer when I ask about the team's disappearance:

Robert wrote:Anyway, I can sort of see why everybody is less active on K&B now than otherwise, with this being quite a busy period in just about every kind of school...

Friday Update: Week 22/2013, Moors SubheaderSalute-Refute

K&B salutes... The coming of the holiday. We are just so tired with these school days, full with jobs, lectures, tests, tasks, jobs, lectures, tests, tasks,...
K&B refutes... The team's absence. This two weeks, we are actually done... nothing.


*)Sorry for no pictures. This is due to [secret].

- Quoted from Pepp
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