Friday Update: Week 23/2013, Mongol units

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Friday Update: Week 23/2013, Mongol units Empty Friday Update: Week 23/2013, Mongol units

Post by AOE_Fan on Sat 8 Jun 2013 - 0:30

Friday Update: Week 23/2013, Mongol units Header-6

Hey ho folks! Mrs. Nun

Today's Friday Update will give you leaks about our new, probably the most unique civ which will coming soon in the next quintessence. Ah, we forgot to explain that first. In the next quintessence, guess what, we will release, among others, three new civs, namely Spanish, Moors, and... jeng jeng jeng... MONGOLS!!!

Folk: Yay, new civ! But wait, why is it unique?

Nah, it is because Mongols have their own buildingset and their own culture! Honestly, Pepp still a bit perplexed with how their culture work. Therefore, Pepp asked Synecdoche, the best historian ever exist in mods, who explains me, barely, like this:

Mongol has three factions, they are [censored 1], [censored 2], and [censored 3]. In age I for example, you have 3 choices of age up politician from each faction. Once you choose one, for example [censored 1]'s, you'll get units and tech. However, if you choose the other faction onto age III, you'll get new unit and tech, but your unit from [censored 1] will stay unupgraded.

Why? Because you betrayed your faction. You got other units upgraded, but the unit from that faction would stay as it was.

And ah, enough for words, we will show you the censored Mongol unit which Robert leaked some moments ago, along with its original concept:

Friday Update: Week 23/2013, Mongol units IronSparrowhawk_zps2c4555fe
Iron Sparrowhawk
Friday Update: Week 23/2013, Mongol units Scan10004-6

Yeah, currently only two Mongol units plus their lord have been done. And how about Moors'? All have been done except, the secret hash slinging strider... Damn Shadow!

Friday Update: Week 23/2013, Mongol units SubheaderQuote

This week's quote comes from AOE_Fan who is moaning about his allergy...

AOE_Fan wrote:I have, and IE is slower, less user friendly and not open source, to name a few bad things. The only fast IE is the one on Windows 8, which I dislike as OS...

Friday Update: Week 23/2013, Mongol units SubheaderSalute-Refute

K&B salutes... The Return of the Anglophile, now he can access the forum with IE again, thanks to AOE_Fan.
K&B refutes... Our missing members and the void time since... no one know, there haven't been much thing done... Razz


- Quoted from Pepp
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