Friday Update: Week 25/2013, more things from places that aren't called Spain

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Friday Update: Week 25/2013, more things from places that aren't called Spain

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 22 Jun 2013 - 3:57

This week's Friday Update won't be long, it'll just be two new pieces of work from the texturing department. Also, just to break with the pattern, this one contains no information on the Spanish. Not to worry though, we'll probably end up oversaturating you with Spanish news again over the coming weeks... To the present:

The Chevalier is not an entirely new unit, as eager users of the Crusader Royal Decree techs may know, but the technology in question just provides you with a small number of Chevaliers, and it also only uses the Great Chevalier texture. The civilisation that actually has the Chevalier as a normal trainable unit is, no surprise, the French. The Chevalier replaces the Knight and, like most French UUs (this may be a spoiler), is among the most powerful units in the mod, though this does of course also mean that training a Chevalier costs considerably more than training a Knight...

Also, from the Office of Peppic Relations:

No new unit here, it's just a redo of the Kharijite Archer, which the keen among you will remember is the unit from the Berber subciv. Still, it's a major improvement over the old texture, and pretty enough, at least to my personal opinion, to take prided place in this Friday Update...

Texturing hasn't been the only department with progress in the last week, here's AOE_Fan mentioning some of his work on the AI.

AOE_Fan wrote:(...) to implement more specific strategies to each civ, affecting how AI uses multiple features. For instance, civs have specific early card selection based on their strategy.

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