Friday Update: Week 32/2013, Spain's guerilla units

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Friday Update: Week 32/2013, Spain's guerilla units

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 10 Aug 2013 - 3:49

Continuing our everlasting series of Friday Updates about Spain, today it's time to show off two more Spanish UUs.

Almughavars are a very quick, lightly armoured and stealthy replacement for the Skirmisher, being forebears of sorts to the Guerillas that would make Spain infamous in later centuries. Rather than being a frontline infantry unit, they're more apliccable to hit-and-run tactics, flanking enemy formations to take on its Archers, lightning-fast raids or simply quick and efficient scouting. In short, it's the Almughavar's job to misbehave itself, cause general trouble, and distract the enemy.

The Jinete is, in many ways, the mounted equivalent of the Almughavar. It replaces the Cavalry Archer, but thanks to a lesser range and far fewer hitpoints, it's not as proficient at taking out cavalry. This doesn't present much of a problem for the Spanish, as they have the Pikeman as one of the best cavalry counters in the entire mod, and in Age V can also gain access to the Conquistador, an equally effective cavalry killer. Jinetes are half decent at taking out other ranged cavalry units, but won't make much of a  dent in either Light Cavalry or a Knight. The main purpose of the Jinete is effectively the same as that of the Almughavar, to raid, disrupt and distract. Compared to the Almughavar, the Jinete lacks stealth, but compensates with an adundance of speed.

The Almughavar and Jinete are a special category within the Spanish unit roster, being the kind of units that are hopeless in pitched battles, but can distract the enemy from what the Spanish are really up to, and stop it from striking in the earlier ages, when the Spanish are at their weakest.

This week it's the turn of the recently returned The Dude, who outlines his idea for the perfect cavalry unit...

undefined wrote:[It] is a heavy unit, that's fairly slow and unsuitable for raiding, more of a mounted siege unit.

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