Friday Update: Week 30/2012, Crusader age-up system

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Friday Update: Week 30/2012, Crusader age-up system

Post by AOE_Fan on Thu 9 Aug 2012 - 21:38

Apologies to the Europeans for this rather late Friday update, there was a little dispute of who was actually going to write this weeks update.

Alright lads and lasses, this week we're showing off the Crusader Officer Age-Up-System, which as the name suggests is unique to K&B's Crusader Culture which includes the Spanish, Germans, and the Crusaders. Much as the Asian civilizations in The Asian Dynasties, you don't age up from the Town Center, but the villager. (Well in K&B's case, the pilgrim)

A view of the Town Officer bonuses available to upgrade to Town City Phase (Age II)

As you can see Crusaders will have three available Officers to them the Constable, Chamberlain, and Chancellor. Each officer has a focus, the Constable has to do with military and mercenary units and upgrade, the Chamberlain is more to do with villager and building units and upgrades, and the Chancellor with religious and economic units and upgrades. Each Officer will send a shipment and an effect. Unlike, in The Asian Dynasties, you can choose the same Officer as many times as you like.

Now, when you've selected the Officer who you'd like to assist your city, all you need to do is place the flag, and voila!

The flag is different every City-Phase, the higher the phase, the grander the flag shall be

You won't be getting the same bonuses every time you want to age up either, while you could essentially pick the same officer every City Phase, the bonuses are different, and as you'd expect, more powerful. As seen here:

Minor City (Age IV) Officers

We've been working on planning a new Game Type lately that we haven't announced yet, and don't plan to announce for some time. Here's Matti deciding one of the rules:

AOE_Fan wrote:Invasion will only be for team games, and that's it.

K&B salutes... You. The fans for being so awesome and supporting of our mod!
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Please Note: All artwork and bonuses are subject to change before release.

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