Friday Update: Week 37/2012, New flags

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Friday Update: Week 37/2012, New flags

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 15 Sep 2012 - 8:45

My oh my, it's Friday again... We had nothing planned for today, but I thought it'd be nice if I took you through some things that I personally have been doing for K&B recently. I've been busy for some time with redoing old textures and other artwork pieces to make them just slightly better, and that did not exclude the ever-joyous pursuit of flags. Yes, those wavy things and clicky things that define a civ aesthetically. I won't make this long, so here's just some examples of what has happened to some flags.

The flags for the Turks and Byzantines, respectively. Left is old, right is new.

As you can see, some of the new flags are really rather like the old flags, except they've got their proportions changed a bit. I had never been too pleased about the Turk flag, and I do think this new one is rather better. It's in a way more like the Turkish flag of today, but of course the tips of the crescent still touch the tips of the star, which was something I quite liked in the original one, so I did it again. The Byzantine flag has also had a bit of a reproportion, with the St. George's crosses having become thicker and the stylised Palaiologos "B"s being a bit larger as well. Moreover, it's also been recoloured slightly, going from a deep and dark purple to a lighter shade of royal purple.

The flag for the French. Left is old, right is new.

Some other flags have had a complete reinterpretation of the original idea. The idea for the French flag has always been that it's a blue background stuck full of yellow fleurs-de-lis, but I felt that the original one simply had too many of them, and that they were also too small. So for the new one I made the fleurs-de-lis larger, reduced their number from 46 to 33, and also made the background a darker shade of blue.

The flag for the English. Left is old, right is new.

Other flags yet have got whole new additions to them. Yes, this new English flag also has had its proportions changed and the red background is now a slightly more vivid shade, but most importantly, the six English lions are now accompanied by two Welsh dragons. We always planned for the Welsh to be a rather significant part of our English civ, and while this did already show in unit and RG names, it seemed a shame the flag had nothing Welsh on it yet, and now indeed it has. I've also got another variation of this flag:

The largest of the ingame flags for the English.

You may wonder why we made this, as there is no flag of such size or style in the game's UI, and I won't tell you... All I will tell you is that flags like these will take rather a prominent place in a new bit of User Interface that is unique to K&B. Please do bring on the speculation...

This week Pepp got very disturbed after the following post by Synecdoche revealed that he does not actually own one of the crucial objects in modern life:

Synecdoche wrote:I don't have a metal picture of one of my friends uncovering the head of a mythical beast, no...

Sorry Thomas and Pepp, but I just HAD to make this one the quote of the week... grinning

K&B salutes... WotTA's new Modding Challenges. They're a great idea that could really do with more contestants.
K&B refutes... political extremism. Fortunately it got a nasty hit with Geert Wilders losing badly in this week's Dutch parliament elections.


Synecdoche wrote: Do you only use your wisdom teeth to grind down bone from your kills?

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