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Rules of the Diplomats Quarter Empty Rules of the Diplomats Quarter

Post by peugeot407 on Tue 4 Oct 2011 - 20:33

Rules of the Diplomats Quarter
Because I don't know the Japanese translation of the word 'chaos'

Welcome to the Diplomats Quarter. Here you can discuss Knights and Barbarians in any language you want, as opposed to the other forums, where, as a general rule, English is the only language allowed. Unless of course you're American, in which case two languages are allowed: American English and Commonwealth English. As I said, this forum is different. Of course this does have some consequences. For instance, don't expect to get an answer to a question nobody else speaks. A quick list of languages the current team (or at least those who regularly visit the forums) speak, apart from English: Dutch, Polish, Chinese, German, Finnish and Indonesian. Also, you might stand a slight chance with Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and French.

Of course, if we want this forum to run smoothly, we are going to need a set of rules. They are as such:

  • Any language is allowed in the Diplomats Quarter, including English. It is however recommended that you post English messages in any of the other two related forums, The Great Hall and The Castle Square.
  • In every thread, only two languages are allowed, the language of the first post, and English. No matter how convenient it may be, speaking Norwegian in a Swedish thread is not allowed.
  • Every thread title must start with an indication of the language used, the name of which must be in English. So a thread in Dutch should have a title like "Dutch: Ik heb een briljant idee", not "Nederlands: Ik heb een briljant idee" or just "Ik heb een briljant idee".
  • Normal forum rules still apply in the Diplomats Quarter.
  • If a thread that is posted in a language that no moderator or administrator speaks contains content that goes against the forum rules or the unwritten rules of decency and politeness, it is the duty of those who do speak the language to report this to a moderator or administrator.

This forum is for those who either don't speak English, or have trouble speaking it. As such, please abstain from commenting on one another's use of language, and make this forum serve it's purpose; To open up K&B discussions to aforementioned people.

This particular thread is going to get locked. However, to discuss the existence of this forum, please see the "New Forum Section: The Diplomats Quarter" thread in The Herald's Office.


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