Friday Update: Week 32/2015, Castles and Slavs

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Friday Update: Week 32/2015, Castles and Slavs

Post by peugeot407 on Fri 14 Aug 2015 - 22:55

Do you remember that Friday Update, a long time ago, where we announced we managed to make the Castle of the Southern European buildingset cannon-less? If not, click here for a reminder. Well, it's been a while, but we've now finally done the same thing to the Castle of the Middle Eastern buildingset:

There's never a shortage of white bricks in the Middle East...

Of course, all of the civs in the Muslim civset, which are the Turks and Saracens in the Prologue and also the Quintessence's Moors, have the Qalaat instead of the Castle, so the Crusaders are the only civ with the Middle Eastern buildingset who actually use this building. Looks alright though, doesn't it?

In other news: We spent the last weeks primarily talking about the French civ in K&B, starting off with their history and moving on to their unit roster and bonuses. In the coming weeks, we're looking to do the same thing for the Slavs, so here's a small introduction to them:

The Slavs in K&B are what we call "The Duality Civ", as they represent both the separate countries of Poland and Lithuania and the later union of these two countries into Poland-Lithuania. The duality between Poland and Lithuania is a theme that echoes throughout the entire civ, and deeply affects gameplay. Among all the civs of the European civset, the Slavs are without a doubt the most special, having bonuses that are on the very edge of what could be expected in a single civ, and almost differing so much from the other European civs that the Slavs would become a civset in their own right. Militarily, the Slavs are utterly versatile and unpredictable, which makes them very interesting to play as, and potentially very frustrating to play against.

Here's a quick quote from AOE_Fan, just to make it clear that while we're very much focused on pumping out new content for the Quintessence, bugfixing also remains a priority:

AOE_Fan wrote:Fixed: Lords and War Dogs now get increased HP and damage on every age-up like they did in original Aoe3. War Dog stats were also fixed as there were some errors.

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