Friday Update: Week 31/2015, Random unit showcases and an announcement

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Friday Update: Week 31/2015, Random unit showcases and an announcement

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 8 Aug 2015 - 4:14

In the Friday Update this week, bits and pieces of art we haven't shown before. There's no real overarching theme, but rest easy that will return next week.

Life lessons from France; always carry two spare flags.

It's actually called the Saethwyr, but Pepp has a bit of a habit of inventing random names that won't be used...

The Sword Brother has already been shown before, but now he's brought his mounted friend along!

And now for something of an announcement: When K&B merged with Huanglukuzhu's Age of Steppes mod slightly more than a year ago, we agreed to add the Chinese, and another civ that we're not going to reveal yet, but we hadn't really got around to actually planning how we would get about this yet. Recently however, we have, and we now have a working outline for the Chinese, as well as an idea about how we will release these civs. First we'll finish the Quintessence, bringing the mod up to fourteen civs, and then we'll add the AoS-derived civs in the next version titled the Reprise, in keeping with the alphabetic naming pattern. Since the Reprise isn't going to add a vast number of new civs over what will already be present in the Quintessence, we'll be able to release it quite shortly after the Quintessence gets released. So, when will the Quintessence be released? Don't ask...

This week's quote comes, again, from AOE_Fan, who inadvertedly ended a post like this, thus making it quite obvious how quickly things have been moving along recently:

AOE_Fan wrote:I shall do this.

Edit: The changes are now coded.

K&B salutes... Circles. If you don't get this one, I'd say it would be an idea to follow more AoE3 mods on Facebook.
K&B refutes... Donald Trump. Not for any particular reason, but I don't think we ever refuted him before, and being a qualified member of the world's most stupid people, I think he deserves it...

Synecdoche wrote: Do you only use your wisdom teeth to grind down bone from your kills?

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