Friday Update: Week 02/2014, Quintessence religions

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Friday Update: Week 02/2014, Quintessence religions

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 11 Jan 2014 - 7:32

This week, we'll talk a bit about the expansion of the religion system in the Quintessence. Nine new civs means an almost unavoidable increase in the number of religions, and indeed, that's going to happen. The Prologue civs, however, are already from varied cultural and religious backgrounds, many of which overlap with some Quintessence civs, so the only religions we feel we have to add to cover all of our civs are Paganism, Lollardy, Hvitakristr, Conciliarism, Hussite Faith and Tengrism. Three of these, namely Lollardy, Hvitakristr and Tengrism, will be available to only a single civ each, and since guessing them isn't that hard, I can confirm that those civs are the English, the Vikings and the Mongols respectively.

All of K&B's religions

If you do wish to play the guessing game though, here's one: Try to match the icons (shown above) to each of the religions. Just to make it easier, here is the complete list of religions that will appear in K&B (in alphabetical order): Armenian Christianity, Catholicism, Conciliarism, Hussite Faith, Hvitakristr, Judaism, Lollardy, Orthodoxism, Paganism, Shia Islam, Sufism, Sunni Islam, Tengrism, Waldensian Faith and Zoroastrianism.

The first one to guess them all correctly will receive an increase in Chivalry and will be officially saluted in the next Friday Update.

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