Friday Update: New Year's Special

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Friday Update: New Year's Special Empty Friday Update: New Year's Special

Post by AOE_Fan on Tue 31 Dec 2013 - 6:22

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Wait, it's not Friday and we're doing a Friday Update? Blasphemy! Actually consider this to be an additional update to celebrate the upcoming year 2014 and all the things it has to offer to us.

Although this isn't actually the most revolutionizing thing in the world, it does make installing K&B much easier. Currently the installing instructions are way too complex to understand properly but this will be fixed. Yes, let me present the official K&B Installer! *drum roll*

As the name says, it, eh, installs the mod automatically. But not only that, it also automatically searches the latest K&B update and installs it for you. No longer you need to search for patches manually or run an older version with bugs. This means that we, as developers, can release smaller and more frequent bug and balance fixes without worrying too much if you notice them. I'm personally very happy about this. Smile

The Installer will also update itself automatically, no need to worry about that. In fact, later we'll probably add new functions to the Installer, such as extra downloadable content. It will also detect your Aoe3 installing folder automatically but you can change that manually as well, if you fancy using SCP Modloader. Steam users can use the Installer too, as it automatically deletes any .xmb files.

Friday Update: New Year's Special Ol3h
K&B Installer, just after you launch it.

*Please note that this Installer doesn't probably work for Mac users.

Friday Update: New Year's Special SubheaderQuote

Technically last week, Pepp had a clear opinion on balance improvements to very old stats:

Pepp wrote:Hyes, of course. Iliander is the past.

Friday Update: New Year's Special SubheaderSalute-Refute

K&B salutes... New Year's Eve. Time with family and friends, New Year's resolutions and fireworks. Only Christmas beats that.
K&B refutes... Aoe3's texture replace bug. Nothing more annoying than those black textures, eh?

The whole K&B Team wishes you happy New Year 2014!
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