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Post by dietermoreno on Mon 5 Aug 2013 - 9:49

A thread for you to comment on Dieter's textures and give advice how they can be improved.

I'll start out with my favorite uniform of the American Civil War, the Zouave.

I picked the New York regiment.

Next I will do the Louisiana regiment.

The New York regiment has red pants and the Louisiana regiment that was most famous (the Tiger Zoauves) has white pants with light blue pin stripes.

Dieter's Textures Screen57_zps48d76d03

What is different from the Tahattus texture: added blue to over coat so it is always blue regardless of player color choice, changed hair color from red brown to black, added full beard, added curly mustache, added eye brows, added a chin, added a mouth, added a nose, added eye whites, and added pupils in eyes.

Yes I know that it has no backpack here.  I don't like the cacador backpack and I haven't deleted polygons from the musketeer backpack yet.

Yes I know that it doesn't have a new model of gun.  If you look at the rifleman you will see that the gun is upside down and black; this is because I am a 3ds max noob.

Yes I know that it doesn't have the correct hat on.  I didn't texture the jaegar hat red yet.

Any suggestions for improvement other than backpack with bedroll, new gun model, and jaegar hat?

Edit: Now Louisiana Tiger Zouaves uploaded

Dieter's Textures Screen58_zpsda9b922a

Edit 2: Now new Mounted salad uploaded

Dieter's Textures Screen59_zps8e898b3c

Yes I know that there is no string of the color of the branch on the sun hat and there is no branch insignia on the sun hat.  I would have to play around with the texture file to figure out where I need to put the string and insignia for it to be oriented correctly.

It does have the insignia of the branch (two crossed cavalry sabers) sown on the over coat and the color of the branch as the color of the neck tie, as the color of the chevrons, as the color of the collar piece, and as the color of the pants stripe however.

I think that it looks too nice for a recruit, so I think I will make this texture the specialist texture.  The corporal texture will be adding on an extra chevron.  The recruit and private textures will be the buffalo soldier made white skinned and with the neck tie replaced with a stiff neck collar.  The recruit texture will have a kepi with the branch insignia on it and will have no chevrons.  The private texture will have the sun hat and will wear one chevron.

Also, the recruit could be cleanly shaven and he gains facial hair as he gets older (upgraded).

Yes I do realize that there was no such rank as specialist or recruit in the Civil War.  These are abstractions for the enlisted soldier gaining experience.  When I say recruit, I mean the default unupgraded texture.

Edit 01/23/2014: I think one of my images was removed for "copy right enfringement". Indeed, I did texture over a Tahatus texture while calling it "Dieter's textures" without giving any credit so that was wrong. Next textures will be all original not retexturing a Tahatus texture. Some new stuff is in store for the Europeans. The Europeans have not been forgotten.
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