Friday Update: Week 31/2013, Order of Montesa

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Friday Update: Week 31/2013, Order of Montesa

Post by peugeot407 on Fri 2 Aug 2013 - 23:13

Today, in a rather brief Friday Update, we'd like to tell you some more about the Order of Montesa, one of the two new Knightly Orders that the Spanish grant to K&B...

As you might remember from the Crusaders, each Knightly Order has three things to offer for the player; first of all a set of two unique units, secondly a set of four unique techs, and thirdly a passive bonus to the Chapter House itself. This passive bonus is perhaps the most important of all three, as it is with the player for the entire game, and can give a massive boost to certain strategies. For the Order of Montesa, this passive bonus is quite simple, a large HP increase for the Chapter House, courtesy of the Order's Aragonese roots. This may seem reasonably pointless, but is rather significant for the Spanish and their need to fortify their base to get through their weaker early ages and into their very strong Age V. A combination of a Castle, several Fortines and a Montesa-fortified Chapter House should be enough for most Spanish players to fend off even serious attacks on their base.

Alférez and Converso, the two Chapter House units for the Order of Montesa

In terms of units, the Order of Montesa offers the Alférez and Converso, the former of which has already been featured in an earlier Friday Update, so we'll be brief about it; it's an inspirational standard bearer with a decent attack should the Alférez find itself in a melee. The Converso meanwhile is a strong Archer-type unit, making up for the general lack of ranged units among the Knightly Orders. As the name suggests, Conversos are Iberians of Islamic origins who have converted to Catholicism and now fight with the Knightly Orders against the Moors. Religious conversion, and the subsequent changing of allegiance, was quite common in the Reconquista, and, by complete coincidence, is featured in both the Spanish and Moor civs as a foot archer. The Spanish have got the Converso, through the Order of Montesa, while the Moors have the Muladi Archer, which is the exact opposite of the Converso; a Spaniard of Christian birth that has converted to Sunni Islam...

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