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K&B's "Get your terminology right" thread Empty K&B's "Get your terminology right" thread

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 27 Jul 2013 - 6:56

Want to use the correct terminology for all things K&B, so that everybody (or the team, at least) will understand you? Read carefully!

  • A civilisation set or simply civset (WotTA calls these "cultures") is, as the name suggests, a set of civilisations that share a number of characteristics. In some mods, this means a comple overhaul of every mechanic in the game, even a different set of generic units, but in K&B, it manifests itself as a number of shared features, such as the system of Knightly Orders, shared by the Crusading civset. K&B has four civsets; the European civset (Byzantines, Italians, French, English, Flemish, Vikings and Slavs), the Muslim* civset (Turks, Saracens and Moors), the Crusading civset (Crusaders, Spanish, Germans) and the Steppe civset (Mongols).
  • A buildingset (ES called these "cultures") is a shared set of building visuals, which is purely aesthetic and has nothing to do with gameplay. For instance, the Saracens and Crusaders share the same buildingset, though they are part of different civsets. K&B's buildingsets are Southern European (Byzantines, Italians, Spanish), Middle Eastern (Turks, Saracens, Crusaders, Moors), Western European (French, English, Flemish), Central European (Vikings, Germans, Slavs) and Far Eastern (Mongols). A general rule of thumb is that if you can make a two-letter abbreviation of it that ends in an E, you're talking about a buildingset. In fact, the team often uses acronyms instead of the full names, so Southern European becomes SE and Middle Eastern becomes ME.
  • A unitset is a shared set of unit visuals. Most mods don't do these, nor does unmodded AoE3, but because of the large geographical and cultural variety of K&B's civs, we do have two different unitsets. These are the Eastern unitset (Turks, Saracens, Moors, Mongols) and the Western unitset (all other civs).



* = Yes, we know this one is a bit awkward. If you wish to be rebellious or linguistically correct, feel free to call it the Islamic civset instead. Razz 

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