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Post by Pepp on Tue 30 Apr 2013 - 23:53

Nun's Downloadable Content
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Welcome to the download thread of Pepp's DLC. From here you will be able to download all DLCs which are made by Pepp. These DLC are not official and the team are not responsible for these DLC.

Pepp's DLC would range from music playlist change, textures change, animation changes, etc. These changes will be small and do not change the gameplay. Pepp's DLC will not include new civ, new map, or new gameplay thing.
Installation procedure included in the file.

Current available download:
Pepp's Playlist Mod:
Nun's Downloadable Content Download_zps3b3fcc1f

Some notes:
1. These DLCs might or might not be updated if there is any official patch or new official version launched.
2. Install these DLCs under your own risk. If you have any problem with how to install etc, Pepp can help you.


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