Friday Update: Week 12/2013, User friendly civilisation outlines

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Friday Update: Week 12/2013, User friendly civilisation outlines

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 23 Mar 2013 - 4:12

Today's Friday Update is rather brief, and merely to inform you that we've started writing the, as we call them, user friendly civilisation outlines or UFCOs. They're basically rewritten versions of the more technical civ outlines that we use in the team forum, with an added bit of history for the civ in question. We'll have them up for all five Prologue civs by the time of release, but the first two are up already:

Click on the flags to go to the respective threads.

You're very free to comment in these threads, as long as you bear in mind that everything in these outlines has already been decided a long time ago and is solidly meant to stay, so we will not be needing any suggestions anymore.

It's only little more than a week now until we release the Prologue, and Pepp manages to perfectly capture what that really means:

Pepp wrote:Imagine all the people, being busy in a week...

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