Friday Update: Week 28/2012, Crusaders video

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Friday Update: Week 28/2012, Crusaders video Empty Friday Update: Week 28/2012, Crusaders video

Post by AOE_Fan on Thu 9 Aug 2012 - 21:48

Friday Update: Week 28/2012, Crusaders video Header-6

It's past midnight, so I say it's Friday... This week we haven't got a lot of text for you to read, but much more to see. To start in a rather underwhelming manner, here's a screenshot that I took this week, hoping to create some more to make this Friday Update. It's a screenshot from a game with the Crusaders on one of the random maps we inherited from AoC; Armenia. The main things visible are some regular buildings from the Middle Eastern buildingset, two Pilgrims gathering from a berry bush and of course the Chapter House.

Friday Update: Week 28/2012, Crusaders video Screen99-1

Middle Eastern buildingset? Yes. We could have given the Crusaders the Southern European buildingset, but decided this would be better, to make sure that they don't feel like a European civ, but actually like a multicultural civilisation with mixed European and Middle Eastern roots. Consequently, the Crusader units will look European, but their buildings will look Middle Eastern.

I recently got a new microphone though, and was rather aching to try it out, so I did. Instead of more screenshots, I shot another commented gameplay video. It's not as long as the last one, and considerably less interesting for the strategically minded, as this is not a whole battle or even a summary of one, but merely me highlighting some of the things you should know about the Crusaders. Please do bear in mind that this is footage of the first ever inteam alpha (v0.06.1) in which the Crusaders are included, so there are still quite some things missing, mostly in terms of portraits and icons.

Friday Update: Week 28/2012, Crusaders video SubheaderQuote

As you might expect from a team that has an iliander in it, we're always busy with balance. Here's new team member Synecdoche commenting on the ever-tricky Italians, a civ we're really struggling to keep on the right side of OPness...

Synecdoche wrote:Yeah, the lack of coin and RG anticav should probably keep them under control. Hopefully. That eco is just so good.

Friday Update: Week 28/2012, Crusaders video SubheaderSalute-Refute

K&B salutes... arcalion. After a very good Fransesca des Sales article, he's decided to come back to modding, and bring us all some more delightful Arcanese language.
K&B refutes... Silvio Berlusconi. Apparently he wants to be president of Italy again, presumably ushering in another decade of corruption and boonga boonga...

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