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Warning So you want to make a new mod...

Post by The Dude on Thu 11 Aug 2011 - 8:07

Exclamation FREEZE! DO NOT MOVE. You may have just come up with the most brilliant ideas for new civs. You may have just written out perfect unit and tech trees for new civs. You may have just developed a list of stunning maps to add to your mod. DO NOT OPEN A NEW THREAD. And why not? Here's a few things to consider:

-> Many, many different people have come up with ideas for mods and posted them here. There is a flood of threads opening up. You probably think yours is special and original, but it probably isn't.
  1. Almost all civs that are relevant or have enough information available have been made in other mods.
  2. Many relevant map locations have also been covered.
  3. A lot of stuff is actually impossible. Take a peek at this.
  4. Here's the biggie. New units, techs, and civs do not make a mod interesting. New gameplay concepts do, such as the multiple types of villagers for one civ, an ability to discover resources, etc.

-> Mods require much more work than conceptualizing. Every individual new civ, AI, map, unit, tech, building, native, lighting, UI, gameplay addition, etc. must be coded separately and possibly drawn. This is an overload of work requiring a good team and time.
-> Good teams are hard to come by. The community is currently pretty short on texturers especially. So unless you can do all this work in decent time, you'll have trouble finding helpers.
-> Major mods take years to complete. After all this time, team members can leave you and you can become demotivated yourself fairly easily. Most mods flop extremely quickly after starting.

Now, don't take it too hard. You're probably thinking, "I have a great idea but this guy is basically telling me I'm going to fail." If you're wondering what to do now, here's a few different ideas:

-> Help out with another mod. Lots of mods are looking for more team members, and this will give you experience in the art. You can go learn and come back to make your idea another day.
-> Begin work on your mod. Don't post a thread until you have something accomplished (preferably some texturing) so you can actually advertise something. People are more willing to join a mod with some decent stuff to show.
-> Forget about it. You can still have fun playing other people's mods and good ol' AoE3, right? Smile

-Quoted from the great sufjanfan

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-Jan III Sobieski upon the victory at Vienna
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