What one can post in the Village School, and what one cannot

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What one can post in the Village School, and what one cannot

Post by The Dude on Mon 23 May 2011 - 6:24

What one can post in the Village School, and what one cannot
Because rules are there to be broken

The Village School is the place on the K&B forums where you can discuss things related to modding. Anything related to modding problems is very welcome here, and you can be sure to get an answer, be that from K&B team members or other modders. Actually, answers about RM scripting, AI scripting and Scenario Design are also very welcome here, and we'll try our best to make sure that a team member answers your question. If you do not have a question but an answer instead, be sure to write a tutorial, they're also very welcome in The Village School.

What one can post
- Modding tutorials
- Translations of modding tutorials
- Questions about modding
- Your own help thread where you can answer questions about modding in your field

What one cannot post
- Modding tutorials made by somebody else (unless you have been given permission)
- Recruitment threads for other mods
- Questions about modding that have already been answered (see note 1)
- Requesting modders to create something for you
- Anything related specifically to K&B. We have The Castle Square and The Great Hall for that
- Anything not related to modding. There's The Inn for that

1. Looking in other threads may help solve your modding problems, as might a look at The Tutorial Database and The List of Modding No-Nos. Also try using the search funtion on the AoE3 Heaven Modding Discussions forum.
2. These rules will be actively enforced by moderators and administrators, but not because we want to discourage you posting here, quite to the contrary. Do not expect instant bans when you happen to have misunderstood these rules.

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